January 20, 2016

We have all heard that old myth that carpet gets dirtier faster after each carpet cleaning.  As I have covered in the 9 Carpet Cleaning Myths blog post, that can be true.   If the person cleaning your carpet does not rinse all of the cleaning agents from the carpet at the time of cleaning, it does get dirtier faster.  However, there is another reason why this could be true: if  your carpet cleaner does not Re-Apply Carpet Protector after cleaning your carpet.

When carpet is manufactured carpet mills apply a soil-resistant carpet protector, which allows the carpet to go much longer between cleanings.  Over the course of time the mill applied carpet protector will wear off (especially in high traffic areas).  If your carpet cleaner does not Re-Apply a soil-resistant carpet protector it will appear as if your carpet is getting dirtier faster than usual (because it is!).

Even though this is not the carpet cleaner’s fault, it can be prevented.  That is one of the reasons why Fresh Floors includes the Re-Application of carpet protector in our cleaning process.  We want to provide our clients with the BEST possible carpet cleaning experience.

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