March 17, 2015

Advertising Ridiculously Low Prices 

Most people are attracted by low prices, which is not always a bad thing. We all have a budget that we TRY to stay within so we can be sure that we are going to make it to the beach this summer.   However, it is a common practice of unethical businesses to use this tactic to get their foot wedged in the front door. Once they get to your house to clean, they will try to ‘add on’ for vacuuming, moving furniture (you REALLY cleaned around my tennis shoes?!), or re-appling protector, things which should be included in a carpet cleaning service. It would be like getting a great deal on a sports car, but have to pay extra for the wheels.

The Ol’ Bait and Switch

In this scenario the carpet cleaning company quotes you another ridiculously low price (they forget to mention that the price is only for straight steam extraction). When they arrive at your home they switch you to the full method, which includes the actual cleaning agent. If you figure it out in time, and refuse the switch, you will not only get inferior results, but likely bad attitudes and poor workmanship. Also, this method is sure not to carry any warranty with it.

False Claims

This often presents itself in dogmatic statements such as: “MY cleaning method is the only one that works, and that other guy’s method is horrible!” This statement could be used next to a picture of a child stomping his feet. The truth is the correct cleaning method for you, is the cleaning method that meets the goals that you have. If you want your carpet to dry quickly, a low moisture method may serve you best. Don’t be pressured into a method that doesn’t work best for you.

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