Floor Maintenance Programs

Floor Maintenance Programs are an important part in all commercial facilities for a couple reasons.

  1. The longer your flooring lasts, the more inexpensive it is.
  2. It is more cost effective to maintain a floor than it is to restore a floor.
  3. Everyone prefers to look at and walk on a floor that never gets so gross someone says, “WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THESE FLOORS!!”

That is why at Fresh Floors our focus is maintaining the floor at a frequency that never allows your floor to reach an unacceptable level while keeping the cost at an acceptable level.  Whether your floor is carpet, ceramic tile and grout, vinyl, VCT, hardwood, or something else, Fresh Floors is there to make sure we make your experience the best it can be.

The Floor Maintenance Program we design are totally customizable.  Every area of your facility receives different levels of traffic.  The entryway may need to be cleaned monthly while the offices may only need to be cleaned every 6 months.  Often times the main corridors may need to be cleaned every quarter.  Not only is the frequency of cleaning customizable, but also the cleaning method.

Carpet cleaning needs to be hot water extracted at least one time per year.  In-between those deep cleanings, a low moisture-maintenance cleaning is usually acceptable.

VCT flooring needs totally stripped down and waxed sometimes, while other times a high speed burnishing will meet the floor care needs.

The point is, we will do whatever is the most cost effective while keeping your desired level of cleanliness.




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