Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are several different ways to clean carpet in a commercial application.  All of the techniques are valuable in different situations.  Fresh Floors utilizes many different techniques to assure you get the best cleaning for your individual needs.
Have Fresh Floors use our seven step cleaning process to assure you have the most FRESH floors in the office complex.
Pre-Vacuum– 74-79% of carpet cleaning is dry soil removal!  It is much easier to remove dirt than it is to remove mud.
Pre-Spot- Each spot in your carpet has it’s own ph/chemical makeup, and it is important to know this in order to properly remove any unwanted spot in your carpet.
Pre-Spray– We will pre-spray our cleaning agent on your carpet, to allow proper dwell time.
Agitate– Just like in anything you wash, agitation is important to loosen the unwanted particulants from the fiber they are adhering to.
Rinse– Proper removal of all soils and cleaning agents is necessary to assure that re-soiling does not occurr more rapidly than normal.
Protect– Manufacturers of carpet apply protectant to your carpet before it leaves the mill.  After some time of wear and tear on your carpet, it is removed.  It is necessary to re-apply a protectant to maximize the life of your carpet.  This will make it easier to clean (vacuuming and deep cleaning) and will help resist any new stains from occurring!
Groom– We will leave your carpet fibers uniform to make it more pleasing to look at, as well as aid in dry time.
 Ask us about our dry before we fly service…

Encapsulation cleaning is a great maintenance cleaning technique.  The process involves:

  • Vacuuming to remove all of the loose soil in your carpet.
  • Applying the encapsulant.
  • Agitating the encapsulant into the carpet.
  • Allowing the encapsualant to dry.

The encapsulant covers the soil and the carpet fiber upon application.  The soil is then crystalized in order for it to be removed easily from the carpet during routine vacuuming.  The soil that does get tracked in after the encapsulant is applied sticks to the encapsulant instead of the carpet fiber itself.  During continued routine vacuuming the soil that is attached to the encapsulant flakes off into the vaccuum, leaving some of the encapsulant still attached to the fiber for continued protection.  Depending on the traffic in your space, encapsulant should be re-applied every couple of weeks to a month.

  Cleaning for Clients with Chemical Sensitivity
Fresh Floors also offers a cleaning option which is made of botanically based ingredients, and may be appropriate for anyone who is chemically sensitive.  If you have any further questions about this product, let us know!!!

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