Commercial Floor Cleaning

There are several different ways to clean carpet in a commercial application.  All of the techniques are valuable in different situations.  Fresh Floors utilizes many different techniques to assure you get the best cleaning for your individual needs.

The Joys (Usually) of Family Business

Jeremy and I always knew that we wanted to work together, and I always knew that he would start a business. So, that fateful day when I was laid off from my previous employer, I knew he was the person to call right away!

I started working part time, but I was not sure that the company would be able to take me on full time. Jeremy, however never had any doubts. I started full time a few months later, and have not looked back.

Sure there have been some challenging times. Our entire crew works together, goes to church together, attends family events together, and plays together, so occasionally we get on each other’s nerves.

I wouldn’t trade any of though. The benefits of a family business far out weigh any shortcomings. Jeremy and Fred gave me an opportunity when my family and I needed it most. I have stretched myself and have become a better person because of it. Not only have I become a better person, but since family is such a focus, I do not have to worry about missing those big events at school. I have been able to coach both of my kids sporting events. It has been a true blessing.


Here are a few tips on how to make working with family a little easier…

  1. Keep work at work. As I said above, our lives are very much intertwined, so this one is the hardest one. We make a conscience effort to not talk about work while we are at church, family events, or other outings.
  2. Be logical, not emotional. This is a good principle in all business dealings, but it is even harder sometimes when family is involved. It is the old, “you know better” thing. Due to the fact that you know the person you are working with so well your emotions sometimes take over. Do not react. Take a breath and respond.
  3. Make time for each other outside of the office. This one goes along with the keep work at work tip, but it is more than that. You need to focus on setting time aside to have a good time with the family you are working with, or else the relationship will become strained.


Even though working with family can be stressful at times, if you operate in the correct mind set, it can be one of the most rewarding things you do!

Why We Re-Apply Carpet Protector

We have all heard that old myth that carpet gets dirtier faster after each carpet cleaning.  As I have covered in the 9 Carpet Cleaning Myths blog post, that can be true.   If the person cleaning your carpet does not rinse all of the cleaning agents from the carpet at the time of cleaning, it does get dirtier faster.  However, there is another reason why this could be true: if  your carpet cleaner does not Re-Apply Carpet Protector after cleaning your carpet.

When carpet is manufactured carpet mills apply a soil-resistant carpet protector, which allows the carpet to go much longer between cleanings.  Over the course of time the mill applied carpet protector will wear off (especially in high traffic areas).  If your carpet cleaner does not Re-Apply a soil-resistant carpet protector it will appear as if your carpet is getting dirtier faster than usual (because it is!).

Even though this is not the carpet cleaner’s fault, it can be prevented.  That is one of the reasons why Fresh Floors includes the Re-Application of carpet protector in our cleaning process.  We want to provide our clients with the BEST possible carpet cleaning experience.

7 Questions To Ask Your Carpet Cleaning Professional

Before they clean in your home…

  1. Which method of carpet cleaning do you recommend?
  2. What kind of equipment do you use to clean carpet?
  3. What kind of cleaning agents do you use to clean carpet?
  4. What kind of training have you received in carpet cleaning?
  5. What kind of guarantees do you offer on your services?
  6. What kind of value do you add to your services that others do not?
  7. Do you have testimonials available that I could look or clients I could speak to?

Value vs. Price

Everyone has heard the old saying, “You get what you pay for”. There is a lot of truth in that statement, especially when you are talking about the lower scale of the spectrum. I do believe, however, that in the day in age where we live, it is increasingly more important to RECEIVE MORE VALUE than you pay for.

Price is the amount of money that is charged, while value is the amount of service and benefits that you receive.

It should be the goal of every carpet cleaner to provide much more value than the price that is received. It is obvious that the most important thing a client is paying for is clean carpet, but what are some of the things that may not be as obvious?

The little things. You have heard the saying, “God is in the detail”, I agree. The details are often the most difficult to perform, but they are generally the best and easiest way to be set yourself apart from the other guys. Does your carpet cleaner use corner guards to protect your door frames from scratching? Does your carpet cleaner groom your carpet when finished to remove the wand marks from the carpet? Does your carpet cleaner put protective tabs and blocks under the furniture, so your furniture doesn’t get water damaged from the carpet cleaning? Does your carpet cleaner call you on the way to the job to make sure you know when the technician will be arriving? These are all little things that individually do not seem that important, but they are the things that can be the difference between having a satisfied and happy client.

A customized carpet cleaning plan. Every home, no matter the size or income, has a budget that they must operate in. While it is not always possible to meet a client’s budget, it should be the goal of every carpet cleaner to come within that budget. There are different ways to do that, but the easiest is to provide a customized plan that will allow the client to spread the cost out, while still allowing them to have the cleanest, healthiest home possible.

An extensive network of referral partners. I believe it is important for all carpet cleaners to get out there and network with other home service professionals in the area. I want to know the best electrician, plumber, realtor, handyman, flooring installer, and landscaper in the area to help my clients succeed. One of the best ways to help a client is by giving them a referral for the most dependable service provider for their every need.

Providing more value than price should be the goal of every carpet cleaner. If you feel like you are ‘getting what you pay for’, it may be time to re-evaluate the carpet cleaner that you have invited into your home.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

Mistake #1: Choosing a carpet cleaner by equipment only.

It is very important to have the proper equipment when cleaning carpet, which is why we have invested over a hundred thousand dollars in equipment. However, not all technicians are created equally. It is equally important to have the people using the equipment properly trained on the equipment. The finest machines in the world are just heavy, expensive paperweights without professionally trained technicians operating them.

Mistake #2: Choosing a carpet cleaner based on price alone.

Price is a very important piece of any buying decision that is to be made. We all have a budget that we need to operate under. Unfortunately, price alone may get you into a situation that nobody wants to be in. Without the proper training, insurances, equipment, cleaning agents and other overhead that is maintained by professional cleaning companies you and your carpets may be worse after cleaning than they were before they were cleaned.

Mistake #3: Choosing a carpet cleaner based on one phone call.

Speaking to someone on the telephone can definitely reveal insights into the character and principles of a company, but I would suggest having the carpet cleaner into your home to give you a quote. If you receive a quote ahead of the work to be done, and ask for an accurate, comprehensive quote, then you can find out exactly what the carpet cleaner recommends for your carpets. Also, this will help assure that you will not be ‘pressured’ to buy a bunch of additional services when the technician comes out to complete the work.

Mistake #4: Choosing a carpet cleaner without a money back guarantee.

I personally feel that it is essential for carpet cleaners to guarantee their work! What can show more confidence in an experienced technician’s workmanship than a money back guarantee? Not all carpet cleaners offer a guarantee, and if they do, it is ‘limited’. If a client is not satisfied with the work that was performed, then the client should not have to pay until the work is brought to a level that will make all parties involved happy.

Mistake #5: Choosing a carpet cleaner without recommendations from other clients.

Testimonials supplied by clients are one of the best ways to learn about a carpet cleaning company. If a carpet cleaning company supplies good service and results, they will have lots of customers that would be willing to tell about the good experiences they have had with that company. Ask your service provider for some testimonials, if they are hesitant to supply them, there may be a good reason for it.

Mistake #6: Choosing a carpet cleaner who doesn’t use truck mounted hot water extraction.

Even if you are having a maintenance cleaning, which does not require hot water extraction, I would not use a company that does not offer hot water extraction as an option. Hot water extraction with a truck mounted unit is what carpet manufacturers recommend using to have your carpets cleaned. Also, hot water extraction provides the best and healthiest cleaning system available, a carpet cleaner that does not offer it, just does not show the commitment to excellence that I would expect.