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I know that your reputation is one of the most important things you have. I also know that when you pass a referral to a carpet cleaner, their performance is a direct representation of you. That is why Fresh Floors works hard to protect your reputation in at least these 6 ways:

  1. We include everything in one fair price. From Pre-Vacuuming your carpet to re-applying protector, Fresh Floors includes all of our services in one price that you will be happy to hear. Check out the video we made that details the process!

  1. We only charge for the actual area we clean. We base our price on the square footage of actual areas cleaned. We do not charge by the room, where (especially in bedrooms) your client is being charged for carpet that will never be cleaned!
  2. We do NOT use high pressure add on sales to advertise a ridiculously low price. You have all seen ads that say we can clean your entire house for $5 (exaggerated, yes, but you see the point). Only to find out that the price advertised only allows for the technician to spray some hot water on your carpet and leaving as fast as possible. Fresh Floors will provide an accurate quote prior to the scheduled date for cleaning to allow the homeowner to decide if it is a good fit for them.
  3. We are educated in the best methods of cleaning. The technicians that come out to clean for Fresh Floors are qualified and trained technicians. We spend a lot of time, effort, and money to properly train every team member to assure that they know what needs to be done!
  4. We use top-notch equipment. Education is definitely an important part of carpet cleaning, but if the equipment does not work properly, the education doesn’t remove contaminants from carpet. Our truck mounted, hot water extraction machine runs off the engine of our truck allowing for the best suction power available, as well as water that reaches 140 degrees f.
  5. We guarantee our work. The ultimate way to protect a reputation is to guarantee the work that is done. If you or your client is not absolutely satisfied with the carpet cleaning there is no charge.
  6. In addition to the above guarantee, we also provide the “Fresh and Free 30 Day Guarantee”, where we will do a free touchup (even if it is a beverage spill) for free for 30 days! This is great for right before open houses or after clients have had moving people track up their new house!!

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  • Additional Education Resources on Carpet Cleaning available for you to use in your marketing materials (newsletters, emails, social media posts, videos, etc):
    • The Fresh Floors Free Report, “Your Pet Pees & Sometimes It Is On Your Carpet” is a guide to how your carpet is affected by pet stains. It will educate you on practical things you can do yourself to help with the odor, the spot, and the overall cleanliness of the area.
    • The Consumer’s Guide to Carpet Cleaning” is a guide that was written to help anyone thinking about getting their carpets cleaned discover:
      • Common Carpet Cleaning Frauds
      • 9 Carpet Cleaning Myths
      • Which Method of Carpet Cleaning is Best
      • The 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Carpet Cleaner
      • The Difference Between Value and Price
      • And much more!!
    • What those dark grey/black lines are that appear around my baseboards and under doors that are always closed!? Soil Filtration, and we can tell you all about it…
  • Each Referral you send to Fresh Floors will be marked with your name, so all future marketing done by us, will have your branding associated with it, keeping you top of mind with your clients!
  • Personalized packets for you to add to your new client packages, whether they are buying, selling, or hopefully, BOTH.


A couple more benefits for you having your client have Fresh Floors clean their carpet:

  • Fresh Floors makes houses easier to sell by removing odors. Every home has an odor. The person living in the home may not even notice it. It could originate from cooking oil or from pets, but the fact is that if a potential buyer enters the home and doesn’t enjoy the smell, they may never return! You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Fresh Floors makes houses easier to sell by removing spots in the carpet. If a potential buyer enters a home and sees spots on the carpet, they do not know if they will be able to be removed or not. Those spots will either cause the potential buyer to not consider buying your listing, or it may cause them to lower their offer, so they can afford new flooring. Either way, it is not good for the seller or the realtor!